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Olive Branch Ministries is a newly formed Messianic congregation in Spring Hill FL. Years ago we were Tel Aviv Messianic Fellowship until the founders moved to other states. Well, we're back and have been asked to renew the fellowship once again. So here we are again reborn under the name Olive Branch Ministries.

Location & Meeting Times: To be announced

Location: To be announced

In addition to Shabbat gatherings and Scriptural studies, we will also be gathering for all of Yahweh's appointed times.



All tithes and donations are given to complete the restoration of all Israel. 




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Your destiny in Messiah Yeshua is forever linked to Israel. He preached the gospel of its kingdom. His disciples spoke of the restoration of David’s fallen house – a restoration that includes all who sojourn with Israel. Only when we understand about “both the houses of Israel” (Isaiah 8:14) can we truly understand our Redeemer’s mission. Only when we know Him can we know who Israel really is; for He is salvation – Yeshua – the epitome of all that it means to be “Israel.” When we see Him as the Lion of Judah, His Israelite Kingdom also comes into vivid focus. - Batya Wootten

We are experiencing prophecy unfolding because Judah has returned to Israel's land and are rebuilding the ancient homeland in preparation for the return of the Northern Kingdom and of course... Messiah Yeshua! Our hearts are with the people of Israel. We hope and eagerly await the Restoration of ALL Israel!